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Testing of packaging for the safety mark B

The laboratory is accredited by PCA No. AB 184 to conduct testing of transport packaging. The tests for the B safety mark are carried out in accordance with the technical criteria required by the Packaging Certification Centre.

The results of packaging tests are the basis for applying for the certificate for the safety mark B.

The scope of research conducted for packaging on the B safety mark in the Laboratory includes:

  • Leak testing
  •  Resistance to breaking
  •  Impact resistance with free fall
  •  Resistance to static pressure
  •  Resistance to horizontal impact on the ramp
  •  Resistance to vibrations with constant low frequency
  •  Testing the stability of shape and dimensions under the influence of elevated temperature.
  • Testing the stability of the shape of the elevated temperature.

The scope of tests and requirements depend on the type of packaging being tested in accordance with the technical criteria of the assessment.

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