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Range of activities

The activities of COBRO include scientific research, research and development and the implementation of the results of this work to practice in the following areas:

  • properties of packaging materials and packaging,,
  • technologies of innovative packaging materials, packaging and packaging,
  • interaction of the product - packaging and methods of securing the packaged product,
  • health quality of packaging for contact with food,
  • the role of packaging in modern logistic systems,
  • improving the method of testing packaging materials and packaging,
  • forecasting the development of industry and the packaging market,
  • limiting the negative impact of packaging and packaging waste on the environment;
  • packaging sozology, life cycle assessment (LCA), CO2 emission factors, etc.

Important areas of COBRO's activities are also:

  • testing of packaging materials and packaging as well as technical analysis for the needs of entrepreneurs and other organizations,,
  • certification and standardization,
  • scientific and technical consulting, preparation of opinions and expert opinions,
  • organizing and participating in seminars and scientific conferences, promotional events, fairs and exhibitions,
  • conducting specialist trainings, scientific seminars and other forms of training and refresher courses,
  • dissemination of the results of conducted works, in particular through scientific and technical information, including library activities, as well as publishing activities.

As part of its activities, COBRO cooperates with other domestic and foreign scientific and research institutions, universities, business entities, state and public administration bodies as well as other units of the public finance sector.

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